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 Nexxus Ethos and Market Focus:

Nexxus has streamlined and vertically integrated the major aspects of real estate construction and development. We have inhouse site negotiation and acquisition , architecture, direct construction and rental management.

Bottom line is that this structure allows for the very best use of capital and ROI in the dynamic Build To Rent (B2R) model, which is our focused sector.

We partner private equity with debt capital and directly negotiated high yielding, ground up development opportunities. We may also partner with existing land owners to develop raw taxable land into cash flowing assets. 


Specializing in multi-family apartments, townhomes and SFH developments for long-term equity growth. We utilize our design team for BIM (building information modeling) and will self-perform the majority of a project's construction trades.

The B2R focus is further amplified by our direct commercial relationships into the rapidly expanding ‘Volumetric off-site construction’ industry for Nex Gen offsite/modular building systems (see tab) .


The net result of this integration is a rapid delivery of quality development projects; up to 50% faster than traditional 3rd party contract timeframes, along with accurate forecasting and management of budgets, labor and raw materials costs.


A true Capital Smart win win position for Nexxus and partners!

Our main region of focus is metro Denver, Colorado. However we are currently evaluating projects from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins and shortly in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.   

       The Secret Formula: Build, Hold, Rent : Repeat 

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