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Accredited investors, family offices & REITs equity opportiunities: 

For real estate investors, the Nexxus structure is designed for the most efficient use of capital, to deliver industry highest investment returns.. period! 

Nexxus will ally with investors to build cash flowing, high equity, directly negotiated investment projects in the Build to Rent sector.


The ongoing agenda is straightforward. Our direct company structure is designed to operate first and foremost as a team with our equity investor partners.


Our team has a simple objective; completing projects that are better, faster built, and higher yielding than 3rd party contracted construction. This team dynamic is extremely valuable, as our vertically integrated business model amplifies returns.


Our aim is to build projects that put equity to work as quickly as possible with rapid returns on that capital.


Initially we expect investors will be on a project-by-project basis. However we aim for long term, ongoing successful collaborations.


Nexxus' program includes the following:    


  • We bring the construction and development expertise.

  • Design, architecture and engineering from concept to build out.

  • Site identification and negotiation (investors may have their own site to be developed) 

  • Direct ground, horizontal and vertical construction.

  • Full off site construction capacity.

  • Competitive debt, construction to permanent.

  • Associated rental management company.


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