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Specializing in Volumetric construction, Nexxus has factory approval with production priority.


What is Volumetric Construction?


'Volumetric construction is the process of manufacturing fully enclosed, six-sided building modules in an off-site factory setting and then assembling them together on-site to construct one large building'

This is NOT your Grandaddy's 'modular' house!

The Nexxus building modules of today are a cutting edge product manufactured in modern factory facilities akin to high end vehicle assembly.


Nexxus projects are class A target market having premier external and internal finishes, similar to a modern 4 star hotel.


Our volumetric construction method is one type of modern modular construction. Technically, all volumetric construction is modular construction, but not all modular construction is volumetric. 


A Nexxus volumetric building module is very different from cheap older wobbly box modular construction

· Volumetric modules are engineered to exact tolerances in a factory environment, fully fitted with floors, ceilings, electrical , kitchens, bathrooms, doors, windows etc

· Volumetric buildings are designed using BIM (Building Information Modeling) allowing the computer designed building to be exactly represented by the physical building. Seamlessly going from design to construction.


· Volumetric modules are built to the IBC ‘international building code’ adopted by most jurisdictions in the USA. The IBC addresses modern health, safety and performance related requirements.

· Volumetric modules in general are completely enclosed. This means that all six sides of the module are accounted for - one floor, four walls and one ceiling.

· Volumetric modules are wrapped weatherproof prior to transport.

· Volumetric construction is here today for quality, multifamily construction!

Bottom line is the Nexxus team use proprietary volumetric technology along with deep industry experience. This raises quality , lowers risk and compresses project time for quality Build 2 Rent projects

Here are 5 of many advantages of volumetric construction: 

ADVANTAGE 1. More complete engineering makes for a better, more secure, stronger building:

Volumetric construction modules are properly framed to fully and safely support themselves individually.


As a result, after completion, the volumetric project has the structural strength of the overall frame of the building plus the internal strength of each individual module that is in place. The building is in effect 'more than the sum of its parts!'

While all construction is permitted and certified under the same codes and regulations, some severe weather data have shown that volumetric construction is stronger than traditional, onsite construction buildings.

ADVANTAGE 2. Efficiencies from the get go:

Nexxus' Volumetric construction team delivers projects on budget, as scheduled, and in far less time than traditional construction, period !

The major benefits of volumetric construction are a result of a smoothly executed design build construction process.

When Nexxus team starts on a project, the design and discovery process is very comprehensive. 

Our team will have a complete and thorough understanding of the project's design, site parameters and overall timelines before we enter the construction process.

Then as the design is finalized, onsite horizontal groundworks and offsite module construction begin simultaneously.

This is a big reason why we can beat the timelines of traditional onsite construction while still exceeding quality expectations.

Further, we oversee and verify every part of the ongoing construction process from materials purchase, through production line inspection to on-site building installation.

ADVANTAGE 3. Modern layouts and specifications: 

Don’t get hung up on the words like “factory” and “volumetric” and think that what you’re investing in will be repetitive or that each layout will be the same.


Our design and construction team can make the inside of those modules as unique and customized as any project will require.

From layouts to materials, each module can be designed to modern specifications with beautiful finishes, bathrooms, walls, fitted kitchens, high ceilings, floor coverings and so on.

ADVANTAGE 4. Volumetric construction allows exact budgeting without change orders:

Volumetric construction allows for preordering and delivery of the building materials within an exact timeframe. Also the labor requirements are priced and scheduled out months in advance. This makes for a very linear budgeting agenda with practically complete control of costs v traditional construction.


Further the weather is the most difficult member of any construction crew. Even a light rain can delay projects for days and result in increased costs. For the most part, this isn’t an issue in volumetric construction as so much of the work is done in a controlled, factory-style environment indoors.

ADVANTAGE 5. Far less wasted material purchases:

Vandalism, theft, over-buying materials, spoilage and weather damage are all wasteful byproducts of the traditional construction process.


In fact 40 - 50% of city landfill waste is from traditional construction. Crazy right !


Our volumetric construction methods simply don't have that problem.


And In the factory facility, 99% of materials purchased are fully utilized as even scrap pieces of lumber, roofing, insulation and so on are used.


Added to the fact that all materials are purchased in huge bulk at discount and are fitted with exacting measurements further increasing the purchase efficiencies and cost parameters.

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