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Aquzar : 'The Wastewater Wizard' 

The most efficiant, ecologically sound, world proven,
modular sewage treatment systems available on the market today

The Aquzar : associate manufactured, distributed and installed by Nexxus Grp.


Aquzar is a range of 10 high quality, compact, ‘Plug & Play’ modular sewage treatment systems. The range starts with the single house unit to service 5 persons. The units increase incrementally in size and capacity to service up to 500 persons each. Furthermore when linked in a combination a series of the larger units can service up to 5000 persons. Aquzar therefore can treat the waste water from a single house all the way to a complete town or resort.

The Opportunity:


Throughout the USA and Canada there are millions of acres of buildable land with water and electricity available but where the installation of mains sewer infrastructure is uneconomic or on a unworkable timeline. 

The land lies idle attracting taxes with no prospect of development in sight.
Until now that is.
Aquzar solves this issue facilitating Nexxus to development sites not previously considered or even possible. This opens up huge extra land use possibilities.

For example we can rapidly develop ski lodge and multifamily in mountain resort areas, patio homes in semi rural locations, affordable housing on edge of town sites, hotels directly in oil boom territory, workforce housing in new manufacturing centers! 


Aquzar is prefabricated, portable and delivered ‘ready to go’ with minimal civil works. Aquzar is designed for a temporary or permanent installation with a lifespan in excess of 40 years.

Aquzar has very low maintenance costs and may be powered via solar. Aquzar systems can treat sewage to virtually any discharge standard including low BODCODSSAmmonia (NH4)Phosphorus (P) and Nitrogen (N).  All Aquzar systems can ship in a standard 40 Foot container leading to its unbeatable track record in 50 countries worldwide over 30 years in all climate extremes.

Please email for more details.

Also domestic rainwater harvesting units and oil separators for restaurants, car parks, gas stations - more info soon.

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