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Land Owners Syndication Opportunities


A major part of Nexxus’ business development is to ally with land owners in developing their already acquired real estate. This real estate may have been purchased speculatively or perhaps was inherited.


Either way the land attracts taxes as it lies unproductive with even more taxes to pay if it is sold!

Nexxus may syndicate alongside the owners to build a cash flowing, high equity, investment project on the land. The owner brings the land to the deal and Nexxus brings equity, debt and development expertise.


The owner keeps a pro-rated equity stake or multiple rental units, gaining new ongoing cash flows from valuable, appreciating assets in a very tax efficient strategy.


Owner partners may wish to sell out in full or in part as market cycles dictate.


Furthermore Nexxus can partner with Cities or Counties to develop workforce housing on a similar split equity model.This ‘syndication’ model is effectively a supercharged equity growth strategy.

Nexxus' program includes the following:

  • We bring the construction and development expertise.

  • Proposed project evaluation. 

  • Design, architecture and engineering.

  • Direct ground, horizontal and vertical construction.

  • Full off site construction capacity.

  • Required equity partners.

  • Competitive debt.

  • Rental management company.



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