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Ai (artificial Intelligence) powered : 

The Nexxus business model of integration with modern technology is fundamentally designed to increase efficiencies in the (CRE) development process. This ethos maximizes project schedules, equity, IRR and overall investment quality!.

Ai has started to completely transform the interface between user and provider in all retail and economic activity. The business of real estate will also be a part of these changes and companies that do not grasp the opportunities that Ai offers in its early stages (now!) will be increasingly left behind.

Nexxus recognize that integrating Ai into our teamwork will further enhance our goal of excellence in investment CRE. Thereby the company has now allied with a specialist Ai firm, initiating the ‘Nexxus Ai Edge’ program.

This initiative will accentuate our team as pioneers in technology integration and maintain Nexxus in an excellent position to benefit from the huge future opportunities as innovations in Ai rapidly evolves.

At the beginning of this tech journey Ai tools will enable Nexxus to: 

  • Process vast amounts of financial and construction data

  • Automate repetitive tasks and eliminate overspill of data

  • Package content into more user friendly formats for presentation

  • Gain valuable insights that can inform strategic decision-making

Further as our Ai team examine current and past projects it is clear Ai will initially revolutionize the CRE development sector by transforming the efficiencies , speed and communication of current activities. This by vastly enhancing the intersection of the various professional trades resulting in: 

  • Acquisition negotiation with immediate knowledge of project type and current zoning, densities achievable , market requirement, rental $ and absorption rates.

  • At hand design, architecture, engineering, site layout and landscaping.

  • Accurate City approval schedules.

  • At hand costings and timelines direct from volumetric supplier of all vertical construction

  • At hand costings and timelines from internal team on horizontal development, MEP, roofing.

  • All required regarding site construction and rental management and costs, advisory, and marketing of project.



In this blog post, we explore some of the AI tools that are most relevant to commercial real estate. This space is moving very fast. And so, as the industry adopts these tools, and as entrepreneurs create new tools, we will regularly release updated editions to this post.

In August 2023, we began adding updates to the key AI tools that we view as applicable to CRE. Those updates are included as bullet points to the tools below. We’ve also begun to add and remove tools based on their adoption, continued development, and/or emergence.



  Nexxus Advantage Ai program will be rolled out 

  • We bring the construction and development expertise.

  • Design, architecture and engineering from concept to build out.

  • Site identification and negotiation (investors may have their own site to be developed) 

  • Direct ground, horizontal and vertical construction.

  • Full off site construction capacity.

  • Competitive debt, construction to permanent.

  • Associated rental management company.


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